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Attorneys Amy Nett and Kevin Nett met while attending law school at California Western School of Law, a renowned non-profit law school in San Diego, California with curriculum emphasizing the development of legal problem-solving, communication, writing, and critical thinking skills. While attending law school, each sought education parallel to their respective legal interests with Amy Nett studying Estate Law while teaching Legal Writing Skills (as a student) and Kevin Nett studying Business and Intellectual Property Law while externing at the Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC in the International Bureau for Satellite and Radio Communications Commission and Titan Wireless, a now defunct defense contractor previously located in La Jolla, California.  Post Graduation and passing of the State Bar, both were slated to practice law in Washington DC with Amy Nett considering acceptance of a tax law editor attorney position and Kevin Nett considering acceptance of an offer to resume work at the Federal Communications Commission.  The attacks on September 11 derailed these considerations as the country sought to defend itself against future attacks and budgets for these positions were frozen.

Returning to San Diego, Amy Nett thereafter took an associate position in her field of Estate Planning & Probate at a small boutique firm in Temecula, California while Kevin Nett took an In-House General Counsel position with a Federal Bankruptcy Liquidation Advertising firm headquartered in San Diego.  While working at this small boutique firm, Amy Nett discovered that the full practice field to which she was interested was not represented. After determining that their individual fields actually complemented each other's in surprising, and what turned out to be inseparable ways, Amy Nett and Kevin Nett decided to leave the comfort of their positions and form their own law practice, The Law Offices of Nett & Nett, PC.  

Upon forming the firm, Amy Nett and Kevin Nett found themselves eager to cultivate their law practice with a singular ambition: epitomize elite legal proficiency and dedicate it to the service of their clients. After nearly two decades practicing law and servicing the needs of over 2,000 corporate and individual clients out of their Temecula, California office, The Law Offices of Nett & Nett have and continue to service clients from all over the United States and abroad. Together, and with a handpicked staff of professionals, they remain completely devoted to their original ambition and respective fields.  In essence, they love the practice of law and are proud of the service of their profession. 



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GENERAL PARTNER                951.506.2980 ext. 201

GENERAL PARTNER 951.506.2980 ext. 201

GENERAL Partner, Private Clients/Trusts and Estates/administration/probate/litigation

Amy K. Nett, Esq.

Licensed to practice law for nearly two decades, Amy Nett's Trusts and Estates practice focuses on a broad range of personal services directed to Nett & Nett, PC individual and business clients, including estate and trust administration and issues arising from estate tax.  More particularly, Amy Nett helps individual and business clients plan their estates with revocable and irrevocable trusts, wills, health care directives, powers of attorney, property agreements, and other estate planning and business strategies to ensure the client’s wishes are protected. Amy Nett works with each client to develop and implement an estate plan specifically designed for each individual, the individual’s family, business, property and wishes.

Personal, ESTATE and Closely Held Business and Succession Planning

Amy Nett’s Personal and Estate Planning services include or relate to all forms of traditional and exotic estate planning including: Advance Health Care Directives, Bare Trusts, Business Planning Agreement, Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Codicils, Complex Wills, Constructive Trusts, Credit Shelter Trusts, Discretionary Trusts, Express Trusts, Family Trusts, Family Wills, Generation-Skipping Trusts, Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, Health Care Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, Holographic Wills, Honorary Trusts, Incentive Trusts, Interest in Possession Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Irrevocable Special-Needs Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Joint Wills, Last Will and Testament, Letter of Instruction, Life Insurance Trusts, Limited Interdiction, Living Trusts, Living Wills, Long-Term Care and Planning, Marital Deduction Planning, Marital Trusts, Nonqualified Retirement Plan, Oral Wills, Personal Residence Trusts, Pour-Over Wills, Power of Attorney, Probate, Protective Trusts, Purpose Trust, Qualified Retirement Plan, Remainder Trusts, Resulting Trusts, Reversionary Interest Trusts, Revocable Living Trusts, Revocable Trusts, Simple Wills, Small Estate Administration, Special Needs Trusts, Spendthrift Trusts, Spousal Limited Access Trusts, Supplemental Needs Trusts, Survivor Benefit Plan, Testamentary Trusts, Totten Trusts, Trusts, Trusts for Minors/Minor’s Trusts, and Will Contests among many others.

Further, Amy Nett’s services include or relate to all forms of estate and trust administration, all related aspects of estate, gift and income tax, and trust construction and related litigation. Amy Nett's focus in this area emphasizes a symbiotic relationship between wealth enhancement to individual beneficiaries as well as business succession planning.  Through the collective effort of its Partners, Nett & Nett, PC is able to coordinate the corporate activities, ownership and governance of its business clients with the individual estate and financial planning goals of their management and principal and minority stockholders. Nett & Nett, PC uses its business acumen, problem solving abilities and legal experience to specifically tailor plans to meets the finite client objective.  Nett & Nett, PC’s approach to estate planning and business succession includes a thorough audit of a client’s lifetime and testamentary planning needs as well as any pre or non-existent business succession and corporate governing documentation.  At its core, Nett & Nett, PC’s philosophy in regards to this comprehensive, goal oriented approach to traditional estate planning and business succession boils down to a single word: “proaction”.

Estate and Trust Administration

Estate administration is an integral facet of Amy Nett’s law practice. Ms. Nett regularly provides the full range of legal administrative services to Nett & Nett’s individual and business clients; including corporate fiduciaries. Ms. Nett endeavors to work at the speed of business and with the mindset that assets of an estate belong to the beneficiaries and the job of the fiduciary is to comply with all legal requirements and distribute the assets as promptly and proficiently as possible. Ms. Nett does everything possible to facilitate trust and estate settlements, assisted by highly trained legal partners and associates who meet clients' needs economically and efficiently. In addition to estate administration, Ms. Nett regularly administer trusts for our clients, offering a full range of tax preparation (with CPA participation), asset custody, and accounting services for individuals acting as fiduciaries. When the need arises, Ms. Nett may also act as a personal representative (executor) and trustee. Ms. Nett offers nearly two decades of experience and objectivity to families in meeting their fiduciary needs. Ms. Nett has strong relationships with a number of local and regional banking and investment advisory firms.


In addition to estate planning and administration, Amy Nett has years of experience in complex estate litigation.  Ms. Nett litigates a broad range of complex issues and cases involving trust, will, shareholder agreements or other document construction effecting an estate or beneficiary


Juris Doctor, Cum Laude 2001

B.A., English, 1996

Activities & Affiliations

• California Lawyers Association, (Trusts & Estates Section CA State Bar)

• University of Phoenix Graduate Studies Professor 2013 to Present.

Bar Admissions

• California, #213313


GENERAL PARTNER 951.506.2980 ext. 202

GENERAL PARTNER 951.506.2980 ext. 202

GENERAL Partner, Private Clients/business/commercial/real and intellectual property/construction/transactions/litigation 

Kevin P. Nett, Esq.

Licensed to practice law for nearly two decades, Kevin Nett's Business Law practice focuses on a broad range of services directed to Nett & Nett, PC individual and business clients, including Corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s and other entities.  More particularly, Kevin Nett helps individual and business clients plan their immediate and long term business formation, transactional and litigation strategies to ensure the client’s ultimate goals are identified, nurtured and protected.


Kevin Nett’s professional experience includes the full spectrum of entity formation (Corporations including Non-Profit 501C3’s, LLC’s, LLP’s, Partnerships, Joint Ventures), Corporate Governance and Counseling, Intellectual Property Registration and Licensing (Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets), Commercial Transactions including Real Estate and Construction Contracts, IP Protection, Sales, Marketing and Distribution Contracts, Executive and Employee Compensation Agreements, all forms of HR Contracts, Funding and Financing Contracts, Labor and Employment Contracts, Employee Manuals, Franchise Agreements and Offering Circulars, as well as sophisticated Mergers and Acquisition Contracts, Stock and Asset Sales, Management Buy-Outs, Divestitures, Buy-Sell and Shareholder Agreements and the like of a variety of sizes, types and business sectors.

Kevin Nett also counsels business owners in a range of industries on strategic and operational opportunities and challenges, as well as serving as a confidential advisor seeing to the execution of internal and external agenda, distilling complex situations to allow for their consideration and resolution and driving negotiations to the desired result.

Upon entering the legal profession in 2001, Mr. Nett has since served as In-House General Legal Counsel for a Federal Bankruptcy Liquidation company headquartered in San Diego California. Mr. Nett sits or formerly sat as a Director on a variety of boards for Profit and Non-Profit Organizations such as Susan G. Komen Foundation, Temecula Tar Heels, Temecula Youth Baseball, Donoma Energy, Mountain Beverage & Distribution, Nett-Gross Group, Boris & Bela Corporation, Aven Construction, Daniel J. Tucker Foundation, Heben Medical, NGG Financial, among others. In addition to being a licensed attorney, Mr. Nett is also a licensed Real Estate Broker, General Contractor (inactive), Mortgage Loan Originator and Certified Property Manager, licenses and certifications which enrich his ability to work with all aspects of business.


Juris Doctor, 2001

B.A., Political Science, Philosophy, With Distinction, Pi Sigma Alpha National Honor Society, 1997

Licenses & Affiliations

• California Lawyers Association (Business Law Section CA State Bar)

• California Bureau of Real Estate, Broker, License No. 01774173

• California Mortgage Loan Originator, MLO, NMLS License No. 992010

• California State License Board, General Contractor, License No. 1009202 (inactive)

• California Association of Realtors, Property Management Certification

Bar Admissions

• California, #217146





Catherine Convy, Esq.

Licensed to practice law for 23 years, Catherine Convy handles complex Business and Real Estate Litigation; Probate Litigation; Construction Law; and Appellate matters. Ms. Convy is also admitted to practice before the U.S. District Court.


Juris Doctor, Cum Laude 1995 Managing Editor, Pepperdine Law Review, 1994-1995.

B.A., Business Administration; Psychology, 1992

Activities & Affiliations

• Orange County Bar Association

Bar Admissions

• California #178208